Mane Maintainence


It's more than just taking hair off


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Why should you have your horses mane shortened?

  • To remove enough density and length of hair to be able to make button braids

  • To be able to safely use reins without getting tangled in mane, especially when jumping

  • To remove excess mane in circumstances of neck muscle strain, and heat rentention

  • To look presentable for photos, competitions and general use


 Standard Rates

  • Maintainence Pull $15 - for manes regularly pulled/thinned (if combined with other service). Add $15 for travel if no other service is booked.

  • Long, Thin Mane Pull/Trim $30

  • Long, Heavy Mane Pull/Trim - $50

  • Roach Mane (Fully removed by clipping) - $40

  • Trim/Clip Bridlepath - Always Included!

















  • Long, natural mane braiding - button braid or running braid - $50 (within local areas)

  • Done to allow stretching of the neck for dressage, jumping or driving.

  • No mane pulling or trimming required!

  • Allows your horse to maintain a natural mane for breed and showing standards in other disciplines.

  • Allows your horse to keep their fly defense!


  • Travel Fee - may apply to regions outside of local service areas.