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Handcrafted Custom Training Equipment


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We use all of the equipment we design. Designed for us and offered to you!


Octagonal Jump Poles

8 feet $30 each unpainted, 10 feet $35 each unpainted




Outdoor Schooling Standards

Features a wide base which is superior for use on uneven ground and grass, providing a greater lateral stability and doesn't rock when a horse hits a rail.

  • 4 ft tall ~ $75/pair unpainted
  • 5 ft tall ~ $80/pair unpainted


Training Cavalettis

  • $80 each unpainted

We can paint, however it is recommended to let the lumber dry (this can take significant time!) for the best and longest lasting paint/stain results.


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Custom Jump Price List

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Portable, Adjustable Height Chevron

Built with an independent base so no standards are required!