Why should you have your horse clipped?

  • Cool out fast and stay cooler during work

  • Look show ring ready!

  • Give relief to your senior friend who can't regulate their temperature as they would.


 Standard Rates

  • Irish & Trace - varies in style - $50 and up

  • Hunter Clip (body but not legs) $80

  • Full Body Clip - $120

  • Cushings & Heavy Coats - Hunter - $100 & up, Full body  $140 & up

  • Travel Fee - may apply to regions outside of local service areas.

  • *Note: It is at our discretion to charge an additional fee for unbathed, dirty coats which require additional blades to be used.


Sometimes clipping can provide a dramatic transformation. Check out some in our album below!





Equine Body Clipping


It's more than just taking hair off


gallery/clipping 1
gallery/cip 2

Reintrue Equine Services  & Horse Canada Article - excellent information covered here.


Horse Canada 2016 ~ When to Clip Away so the Horse can Play

Styles of Clips - Least Evaporation to Greatest

Icons to Indicate Suitability

Some of our happy fur customers!